Joinery Bench: Installing the Moxon Vise and Finishing Up


Completed BenchThe Moxon Vise installation is complete and the joinery bench is ready for use. Actually I finished it last week and have been using it for the last week or so. Here are some pictures and more details on the bench and hardware installation. There will be an article in the first issue of Weekend Warrior Woodworking Magazine on the joinery bench.

Some notes and lessons learned from this part of the bench build:

I should have found a friend with a drill press and used a drill press the install the hardware instead of a hand drill. It took a long time to drill the holes for the vise hardware and they are not perfect. Not mention that the forstner bit kept getting very hot and I had to stop and let it cool off several times during the drilling process. There is also a little more slack than I would have liked in the holes in the chop.

I did not take a picture of the bottom of the bench where I had to cut out recess the fit the back nut of the Moxon Vise so the front apron could sit flush with the bench top. I will take a picture for the magazine.

For attaching the bench to the base I just cut 4x6s to the exact width of the bench for a nice tight fit. I did not use glue or fasteners for the top to allow for movement and so that I could easily remove the top. I milled the 4x6s so I could have a square reference surface for the top of the bench. T 4x6s are attached to the metal base using lag screws and little extra room for movement.

The metal base was very top-heavy when I put the joinery bench on top of it. I need to add about 100 lbs. of sand to than base of the bench to stop it from moving. The base does have adjustable feet, which is nice because the concrete floor in my garage is nowhere near level.

I used a piece of scrap poplar for the tool tray and cut it to the proper dimensions. The tool tray just rests on top of the stretchers that hold the top in place, which makes for easy removal of the tool tray. I drilled a couple 3/4″ dog holes for holdfast and other 3/4″ accessories.

I will have a full article in the magazine on the build as well as some thoughts on the metal base after using it for a while.

2 thoughts on “Joinery Bench: Installing the Moxon Vise and Finishing Up”

    1. Thanks Sam! The top was mainly built out of extra stock that I had on hand but if which came out to 15 BF finished and I started with about 20 BF of rough Tiger Maple and White Oak at around 5.50 a BF. Here is a better break down:
      20 BF of 4/4 Tiger maple and White Oak ($110)
      12 BF of 8/4 Hard Maple for the apron ($90, $5.00 a BF)
      Moxon Vise Hardware ($160 after shipping)
      Shop Fox Metal Base ($145 shipped)

      Some notes:
      If I had not already had the 4/4 white oak and tiger maple I would have just don the whole bench in 8/4 maple and probably would have done without the apron. I would have went with 35 BF of Hard maple for a cost of around ($175). I am also not digging the metal base right now. It seemed like a good idea at the time but I am now thinking about just building a wood base or perhaps a cabinet that the bench sits on top of.
      I will have more details about the bench and what I like and don’t like about it in the first issue of the magazine. Thanks for the questions.

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